Welcome to the University of Debrecen

The programs of the University of Debrecen Medical School want to meet the challenges of times. They are comprehensive and encompass the whole human personality -body and soul- in its natural and social surroundings; their approach to the patients is based on the best European humanistic traditions; they are unselfish in their responsibility to the society; their basis is broad professionalism, thus preparing preventive and therapeutic activity based upon co-operation and teamwork.

Within the scope of education, we inspire both students and teachers - according to the possibilities of the free creative spirit due to the university rank - to acquire a high level of professionalism, exactness and problem solving skills, upon which the foundations of specialist training and an independent medical practice can be built, which enables them to absorb the prospective scientific development of the next decades, which facilitates further education and development of their knowledge throughout their life. The interplay of all these factors should ensure their ability of understanding and handling the changing demands of heath service in the various fields of society.

de_foep_2011.jpgWith respect to research, we will continue to acquire, internalize and subsume new knowledge especially concerning the causes, prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as new knowledge aimed at improving, preserving and restoring the healthy condition. Our objective in both the basic and clinical research - in those areas where we have already achieved it - is to remain at the internationally recognized level; on the other hand, we will strive to raise other research teams to that level. Special attention is paid to and support is provided for the co-operation of researchers between basic and clinical research projects, and researchers of interdisciplinary studies.

With respect to therapeutic practice, the objective is to achieve an effective, up-to-date and devoted curing activity, available for each member of the society, which in its quality can serve as a model for other medical institutions of the country. We consider one of its primary tasks to improve the highest standards of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment, and to establish nation-wide and regional profiles.

In service of the community, we want to play a seminal role in shaping the policies of the health service both within the region and in the country. We want to meet the requirements of the region by providing ample supply of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other experts with university education.

With respect to development of the institute, we strive to develop and reinforce those features and skills of our organizational units, lecturers, collaborators and students which are of vital importance in meeting the challenges of medical education, research and therapy of the 21st century: humanity, empathy, social sensitivity, team-spirit, creativity, professionalism, independence, critical thinking, an ability to innovation, co-operation and management.

The organizational structure of the institution apparently reflected in the multi-faculty construction is a constantly improving, colorful educational environment, in which co-operation is manifest between medical, dental, pharmaceutical education and health service/health science college faculties, postgraduate social health educational programs as well as molecular- and medical biologist education. In order to achieve our aims both in the field of tuition and in research we utilize possibilities of integration at the Debrecen and regional institutional level at the same time contributing to its enrichment too.